The Iron Giant

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The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant poster.JPG

Theatrical release poster
Film information

Directed by

Brad Bird

Produced by

Pete Townshend
Des McAnuff
Allison Abbate
John Walker

Music by

Michael Kamen


Steven Wilzbach


Warner Bros. Feature Animation
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

Distributed by

Warner Bros.

Release Date(s)

August 6, 1999

Running time

86 minutes




$50–70 million

Gross Revenue


The Iron Giant is a 1999 American animated science fiction drama film using both traditional animation and computer animation, produced by Warner Bros. Feature Animation and directed by Brad Bird in his directorial debut. It is based on the 1968 novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes (which was published in the United States as The Iron Giant) and is scripted by Tim McCanlies. The film stars Eli Marienthal, Christopher McDonald, Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick, Jr., John Mahoney, and Vin Diesel. Set during the Cold War in 1957, the film is about a young boy named Hogarth Hughes who discovers a giant metallic robot who fell from space. With the help of a beatnik artist named Dean McCoppin, they have to stop the U.S. military and a federal agent named Kent Mansley from finding and destroying the Giant.

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