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The Long Journey
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Film information

Directed by

David I. Rector

Produced by

Phillip Roducer

Written by

William R. Iter

Music by

Mary U. Sician

Distributed by

D.I.S. Tributor Inc.

Release Date(s)

July 7, 2010




several million

Gross Revenue

several billion

Preceded by

A Short Trip

Followed by

The Return Home

{{Infobox film
|name= The Long Journey
|image= Placeholder location.png
|director= David  I. Rector
|producer= Phillip Roducer
|writer= William R. Iter
|starring= Alvin C. Tor
|music= Mary U. Sician
|distributor= D.I.S. Tributor Inc.
|release= July 7, 2010
|rated= GP
|language= English
|length= 2hrs 15M
|budget= several million
|gross= several billion
|preceded= A Short Trip
|followed= The Return Home

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