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Sir Lionel
Background information
Featured in Quest for Camelot
First appearance
Latest appearance
Voiced by Gabriel Bryne
Inspiration Character information
Full name Sir Lionel
Other names Lionel,
Personality Brave, caring, kind, skilled, level-headed, instructive, optimistic, noble, encouraging, loving, fatherly, affectionate, trusting, humble, educated, rational, selfless, inspirational, righteous, laid-back, industrious, organized, no-nonsense, even-tempered, lion-hearted
Appearance Slender, fair skin, brown hair and eyes, Blue tunic with a light blue shirt underneath, black belt, grey pants, blue boots with light blue crosses, blue shield with a gold outline and three gold interlocked rings in the center of the shield
Affiliations Good
Goal To protect King Arthur
Home Juliana's Home, England
Relatives Lady Juliana (wife), Kayley (daughter), Garrett (son-in-law)
Friends Lady Juliana, Kayley, King Arthur, Garrett, Merlin
Enemies Ruber
Likes His family, Kayley, peace in Camelot
Dislikes Ruber's obsessive behavior and greediness, The King in danger
Powers and abilities
Weapons His sword, shield
Fate Gets killed by Ruber when he strikes him with a mace.
Quote "As a knight, I took an oath to protect Camelot, King Arthur, and Excalibur."
(his last words)"I will not serve a false King!"

Sir Lionel is a minor character in the 1998 film Quest for Camelot. He is voiced by Gabriel Bryne.


Sir Lionel is a slender man with fair skin, brown hair and eyes. He wore a blue tunic with a light blue shirt underneath, black belt, grey pants, and blue boots with light blue crosses. He carries a blue shield with a gold outline and three gold interlocked rings in the center of the shield.

Role in the film

He is seen with his family when they are traveling the beach. He doesn't mind telling Kayley the story of Camelot. And when he goes with the other knights to Camelot, he promises Kayley that he will take her there someday. He travels to Camelot within three days travel, in night and day without stopping.

He arrives at Camelot for a meeting with Arthur. During the meeting, He always sits next to Arthur likes he usually do. Ruber then discusses his idea of getting more land than everyone and then nominates himself as the new King, but Sir Lionel, who hates his idea, refuses swearing he will never serve a false king, This drove Ruber into a murderous fit and fury, he pulls out a mace and runs on the table, Sir Lionel is the first to defend the King, but Ruber strikes him off the table and he beats out the knights easily, but Arthur pulls out Excalibur and beats Ruber back. After Ruber gets dismissed from Camelot, the knights gather around Sir Lionel's motionless body, meaning that he is now dead.

Later, when the knights bring his body back to Juliana's home in the winter, Juliana and Kayley are crying over the loss of Sir Lionel. Arthur gives Sir Lionel's dented shield to Juliana and gives an eulogy of how brave Sir Lionel was. Sir Lionel is placed in the stone coffin during his funeral.

He was only seen in flashbacks when Garrett gets blinded by a horse in the fire accident in the stables. Sir Lionel trained him with a wooden staff and after he died, Garrett's hopes of being a knight are dashed.




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