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Merlin is a character legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend, featured from the Quest for Camelot. He is an elderly wizard and advisor to Arthur.

Physical appearance

Merlin is an slender elderly wizard with fair skin, long white hair and beard,

He wears a long dark green robe and carries a wooden staff.

Role in the film

Merlin is seen when Arthur leads his knights into the round table.

He is next seen when he is told about Excalibur's theft by one of the knights and he summons Ayden his wizardry pet to rescue the sword. He is later seen when he mends Arthur's wounds on his arm, When Merlin tells him that the sword haven't been retrieved making Arthur to set out by himself but Merlin refuses, worried about his strength, advises him that he must rely his courage for his kingdom.

He is later seen when Arthur is called down for the round table. Later, He reunites with Ayden in the round table tower.