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General Shannon Ethan Rogard is the military leader, and an anti-hero, later reformed in "The Iron Giant." He is voiced by the late John Mahoney, who also voiced Preston Whitmore in Atlantis: the Lost Empire.

The handsome 66-year-old Rogard is a slender military leader, with fair skin and grey hair. He even wears an military uniform. Rogard totally abhors the 37-year-old Kent Mansley for his cockiness.

He is first seen when Kent phones him about the Giant, but Rogard laughs it off and sarcastically tells Kent to look for a giant footprint so he can send over an expert to make a giant plaster. After Kent had finally succeeded n persuading Rogard to come over at the Hughes' residence, telling him he has got evidence. Rogard and the army arrive the next morning outside the house and they all arrive at McCoppin Scrapyard, where they discover that the giant is an art work (actually Dean disguised him to fool them). Furious, Rogard berates Kent and even accuses him of "blowing millions of Uncle Sam's dollars out of his butt" for wasting both his own time and the Government's money for a worthless trip to Rockwell causing Kent to be dismissed from his government position.

Later, Mansley informs him that the giant is "wrecking" the town. Rogard now believes him and sends his army troops to stop the giant. When they attack, but they retreat quickly due to the Giant's fury. However, Hogarth manages to stop the giant and talks him back to his senses. When the Giant is slowing approaching Mansley and Dean argue about the fighting, When Rogard sees Hogarth with the Giant, he tells his troops to stand down, and dismisses Kent's idea of launching the missile and Rogard speaks to his crew on his radio and is about to tell them to abort the missile, but Kent, consumed with fright and frustration, snatches it and tells them to launch the missile. This causes Rogard to berate him for causing a doomsday and not realizing that the missile is targeted at the Giant's current position. Mansley attempts to drive away to save his skin, but the Giant stops him, allowing Rogard to have his soldiers arrest Mansley for his actions. After the Giant had destroyed the missile (also himself) and saving the town, Rogard acknowledges the Giant's sacrifice and tells the army "let's go home." Later, it is said that Rogard and his army only find what's left of the Giant, a single jaw bolt.