Earl Stutz

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Earl Matthew Stutz (or else, just "Crazy Earl Stutz") is a minor character of the 1999 animated film The Iron Giant. He is voiced by Michael Emmet Walsh.

The cute, but dopey 62-year-old Earl Stutz is a middle elderly man with light brownest blonde hair, grey sweater, and dark overalls.

On a cold and windy night in the fall of 1957, Earl Stutz struggles to steer his fishing boat through rough seas as a hurricane ravaged the coast line of Rockwell. Signaling for help on his vessel's radio, as the ship takes on water, his attention is drawn to the stormy skies as a bright green flash streeks through the sky in the distance. After regaining his composure, he began to give coordinates over his radio as he searched for a way back to Rockwell.

A local fisherman and citizen of Rockwell, Earl Stutz is a spunky old man and a drinker, considered to be a kook by some. Upon being the first to witness the giant's arrival to Earth, he is treated condescendingly and ridiculed by other fisherman for his alleged experience with an "Invader from Mars". However, when strange events started occuringg around town that seemed to confirm the presence of an unknown creature, he informed the U.S. Government, effectively starting a conflict between their agent and the machine. It is presumed his life returned to normal in the coming months, after the giant's reveal.

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