Warner Bros Wiki
Brother Brat

Directed by

Frank Tashlin

Produced by

Leon Schlesinger

Story by

Melvin Millar

Narrated by

Robert C. Bruce

Voices by

Mel Blanc (Porky Pig/Baby Butch) Bea Benaderet (Baby Butch's Mother)

Music by

Carl Stalling

Animation by

Art Davis Cal Dalton Izzy Ellis


Leon Schlesinger Productions

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Television

Color process


Brother Brat (1944 July 15) is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short, starring Porky Pig and directed by Frank Tashlin. It runs for about seven minutes, and is in color with a mono sound mix. It is also one of the few cartoons where Porky wears pants.

Plot summary

When a mother goes to work in a factory (see Rosie the Riveter), Porky Pig is hired to baby-sit. He quickly finds out that the baby is a violent-tempered infant. He tries to use a child psychology book to control the baby, to no avail. Eventually, the mother returns and uses the book to discipline the baby — by spanking.


When this cartoon aired on Cartoon Network and TNT, the part where Baby Percy impersonates Winston Churchill was cut (though Baby Percy's mother's use of the word "Japs" was not edited).

References to then-current events

Porky finds Butch, called "Percy" by his mother, reading "Exquire Junior", a send-up on Esquire, which was considered quite racy then.

After Butch emerges from a pile of pots and pans with a pot on his head, he launches into a Winston Churchill (see "Censorship" above) impression, stating "We will fight until Hitler and his Nazi gangsters suffer disastrous, overwhelming and complete defeat!" While delivering his Churchill speech, Butch gives the V sign with his fingers while holding a cigar in the V sign.

The mother works at "Blockheed", a parody of Lockheed.

When the mother first meets Porky, she asks if he wants her to help defeat the Axis Powers. In the question, she uses the word "Japs", a derogatory term for Japanese people used commonly during World War II. In his response, Porky mentions "Schickelgruber", referring to Adolf Hitler's original surname.