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On September 2, 2001, Adult Swim will move to the WB during the pandemic because of technical difficulties from the official Adult Swim satellite. Adult Swim will air The Simpsons the day after the launch of Adult Swim on The WB and the 20th anniversary of Adult Swim. CN REAL will be one of Adult Swim's programs. One of the promos for Adult Swim included B&W Bumps from the early days and the H&S bumpers from the present. Here's the telegraph. (2001 promo mixed with present)

Lifeguard: Attention Swimmers! Or Swimmers.

B&W Bumpers: We're moving


B&W Bumpers: to the WB

B&W Bumpers: Because our old satellite crashed.

B&W Bumpers: And it needs to be fixed.

(shows H&S bump)

B&W Bumpers: oh hey I got 1 message from Angel

: augh when is you satellite fixed

B&W Bumpers: duh new years

: iamo

B&W Bumpers: great

B&W Bumpers: adult swim on the wb coming soon

B&W Bumpers: [adult swim]

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